Nadine Christensen: Mixed Feelings

11 November - 17 December 2022
Nadine Christensen’s third solo exhibition with the gallery, Mixed Feelings, comprises a selection of more than thirty domestically-scaled paintings made over the past five years, together with a new large-scale sculptureand might be considered a compact and layered index to the artist’s broader art practice.

For these recent works Christensen has drawn from her collection of polysemous phrases and words, amplifying their capacity for multiple meanings and inflections through their figurative context and specific materiality. Throughout the exhibition, erasure is featured as both a rendered motif and patch – a mark that denotes decision making, echoes a change of course, is a trace of misdirection and signals a fix.

In Mixed Feelings paint is variously applied to surfaces with the edge of a cardboard off cut, impressing the corrugated lines of the material's internal structure onto painted surfaces. This structural buffer or scaffold is mirrored in Christensen’s sculpture and accumulates as both a porous pattern and fragile support structure.

The works in Mixed Feelings combine to create an encounter with un-still-life; where fluidity and tension around the experiences of home, work, community and friendship are embraced.
Installation Views
Mixed Feelings 2022, installation view, Photography: Lauren Dunn