Sandra Parker and Rhian Hinkley: Replacement: With performers Arabella Frahn-Starkie, Deanne Butterworth and Oonagh Slater

9 - 11 December 2021


THU 9 DEC 12.00–5.00PM
FRI 10 DEC 12.00–5.00PM
SAT 11 DEC 12.00–5.00PM


REPLACEMENT is the third performance/installation created by Sandra Parker and Rhian Hinkley for Sarah Scout Presents. In REPLACEMENT, Parker and Hinkley overlay mixed materials and performance to create a spatial intervention into the gallery’s rooms. Body and object are situated, layered and transposed to consider how we orientate ourselves and model our behaviour and gestures in response to the world around us.


Within this propositional environment, designed to determine and control responses, dancers conjoin with objects and the capacity of subjective human connection, in the face of limited choices, is called into question. 


How can we adapt to material forms and surfaces not of our choosing? What supports and frames us? What can be used to rest upon or to contain ourselves? Can there be a substitute for everyday comforts and social connections?


The performance is durational. Bookings are not required but the gallery will be following COVIDsafe protocols and you will need to sign in via the QR code. Visitors will also need to show proof of vaccination.
This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.