Kiron Robinson: Dribble, Leak, Suck, Slip, Skin, Peel, Pick

27 May - 15 July 2021

Sarah Scout Presents is delighted to announce Dribble, Leak, Suck, Slip, Skin, Peel, Pick, a suite of new photographic objects by Kiron Robinson, and the fourth solo presentation by the artist at the gallery.

Robinson explores perceptual process and the vulnerability of forms to project a world where everything becomes uncertain. He scans, layers, crops, reconfigures and re-photographs images—thus throwing the meaning of both the images themselves and, by extension, the things they ‘document’ into question.

These works comprise doubtful objects — pretending to be more than they are while actually being more than they are. The works in Dribble, Leak, Suck, Slip, Skin, Peel, Pick clearly depict objects of desire, yet the disconcerting absence of narrative conveys a sense of anxiety. For Robinson, it’s personal; these photographs allow the artist to question if there is more, which in turn parallels a search for belief that is founded by and grounded in doubt. Of course, doubt allows belief to exist and, as we know, desire works in the same way. It is not to be grasped and comes into being only through its lack. 

Dribble, Leak, Suck, Slip, Skin, Peel, Pick continues the artist’s interest in scratching at the surface of the photograph and his desire to break through. As Robinson notes: ‘Photographs promise so much. They are desire. They are violent. They are all surface. But surface proposes an Other side. I want to find that Other side.’