Sanja Pahoki: Being Kazimir Malevich

12 May - 11 June 2016

Sanja Pahoki: Being Kazimir Malevich has been inspired by a profound moment at the State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg when the artist found herself in front of paintings by the Russian painter, Kazimir Malevich. Pahoki says: A black square was next to a black circle which was next to a black cross. I felt incredibly alive in that moment and thought that I was seeing the world in a new way. I got Kazimir and he got me.


In Being Kazimir Malevich,paintings, portals, photography, the punctum, pilgrimages, priests, potatoes and parents are combined in mysterious ways to create Sanja Pahoki's new suite of work at Sarah Scout Presents.


Pahoki utilises everyday mediums and materials such as photography, neon, video and text to manifest her nuanced reflections on everyday life - observations that continually hover between melancholy and anxiety. Existential issues such as the nature of self and the passing of time are underlying themes - usually interposed with the artist's humorous aside - while individual works constitute elements of a larger self-portrait, documenting and archiving Pahoki's relationship to those people and things most important to her.

Installation Views