Akira Akira and Bianca Hester: Hold

9 October - 9 November 2014

Akira Akira and Bianca Hester: Hold comprises new sculptural works by two artists who have engaged in one another's practices at various times over several years. However, Hold is the first time their work is brought into focus together, and represents an opportunity for the artists to tease out some of the material and conceptual concerns that continue to both connect their work and hold their interest.


Drawing ideas and inspiration from different fields and sources such as cooking, sport, philosophy, design and architecture, Akira Akira's spatial practice is centred around intuitive experimentation with processes and materials. For HOLD, Akira presents a series of suspended sculptures that also function as spatial anchors. Alongside these forms sit fleeting sculptural gestures.


A multidisciplinary and highly collaborative artist, Bianca Hester's practice comprises an exploration of the material, social and spatial relations that shape public spaces. For HOLD, Hester presents a number of cast bronze 'solar objects', many of which were originally constructed for the purpose of being held towards the sun's light by a group of people - performative gestures that sought to witness the recurring relationship the sun makes to the materials of the earth that stand in its fleeting pathway.

Installation Views