Veronica Kent | Rachel Schenberg

15 November – 13 December 2019

Veronica Kent: Island

Rachel Schenberg: May-old hold


Island is Veronica Kent’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. Just over a year ago Kent relocated from Brunswick to Bruny Island—off Tasmania’s south-east coast—to take up residence in, and restore a century-old farmhouse. Living on remote Bruny Island Kent has found herself, not surprisingly, more attuned to the natural environment. Her willingness to trust in beauty and the elemental forces of nature has markedly increased. The body of new work Kent has created for Island comprises stained glass, digital prints and sculptural assemblages made of brass, wood, stone, iron and shells; reflecting the artist’s closer engagement with the landscape that surrounds her.

A year on an island
Building a house
Milling timber
Foraging for food
Listening to stories
Working with what’s to hand


Melbourne-based artist Rachel Schenberg is a multi-disciplinary artist working across sculpture, video and writing, and whose practice addresses questions of how we make meaning through relation. Her works use slow accumulation of material from the day-to-day, to bring focus to associations of small transactions and exchanges over multiple timeframes. She is interested in associative logic and principles of equivalence: how an object, idea or place can be equated to another. The suite of works in May-old hold draw from Schenberg’s recent practice, looking at portable works made for the scale of the hand, to ask questions of how this location, which we carry with us, can be a site for making meaning. May-old hold is the second iteration of her exhibition, hold said, presented at Hayden’s Gallery in May 2019.

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