Fiona Abicare at Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline is delighted to present sculptural work by renowned Melbourne artist Fiona Abicare at the Pop Up space located at The Great Dane Apartment Fitzroy. (Entry via laneway next to 164 Argyle Street.)


Open on Saturday 11th / 18th and Sunday 12th / 19th February 

10am - 3pm 


Fiona Abicare’s work operates across a range of fields including sculpture, fashion, interior design and cultural history. She is interested in transforming the traditional distinctions between art and design through her decisions, materials and methodologies, and pays specific attention to the material qualities of objects and how an audience might encounter their placement in space. As such, her creative process has a historical relationship to the various iterations of the ‘total artwork’ (Gesamtkunstwerk) found in modernist design. Developed through extensive material research and conceptual framing, Abicare’s work addresses the intersection between histories of social space and their contemporary contexts. As critic Tiarney Miekus has noted, ‘This site and context-based practice has led Abicare to create both small and large scale objects of great beauty and meaning.’


Warren Beatty and Desert Eyes, styled on an Egyptian canteen, and companion vessel Rosebud bring sculpture into dialogue with production design of the Hollywood Studio System. The ‘Hollywood Regency’ style, which operated from 1927-49, borrowed from Greek, Roman and Egyptian influences, particularly highlighting their focus and form. More broadly, these works are concerned with the connoisseurship of objects and the language of display, its treatment within and crossover into contemporary art. The action of repeated mark making, derived from an extended in-studio archery performance, finds a form through the act of punctuating a surface, thus defining a field of action in its process, while the perforated vessel operates as both sculpture and deĢcor.



February 10, 2023