Bryan Spier: Electric Paintings

7 June - 13 July 2019

Bryan Spier: Electric Paintings comprises a new suite of works including large -scale canvases and smaller custom-framed works, all of which feature tense negotiations of shape, colour, ground and time.


Spier's compositions are, as always, playfully mobile and invite imaginative manipulation by the viewer. In Electric Paintings this is amplified by the inclusion of time as an explicit component of the composition. Each composition is broken into a juddering montage of episodic states, as though an expansive sequence of events has been spliced into a singular moment. This creates a tessellated structure that allows Spier to play with a complex palette of colours as never before; initiating cascading, logical, and sometimes jarring combinations of hue. The resulting works have an immediate and physical sense of presence, and yet they are also committed to a reverberating and alien timescale.

Installation Views