KISSER / The Friend: Claire Lambe and Daniel Jenatsch

30 September - 5 November 2022

KISSER / The Friend is an installation of new works by Claire Lambe and Daniel Jenatsch, engaging various modes of constructed intimacy that straddle boundaries between gesture and material language.


Claire Lambe’s five-channel film KISSER comprises a series of directed kissing actions by five different couples, performed and filmed separately, but coordinated on monitors dispersed throughout the gallery spaces and choreographed to a single sound composition composed by Japanese psych/krautrock band Minami Deutsch.


Single channel film/composition The Friend is part six of Daniel Jenatsch’s The Close World series, a world building experiment conducted in a series of conversations with GPT-3, OpenAI’s autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. The works has been created by training GPT-3 simultaneously on key texts on the philosophy of language, and on the works of worldbuilding authors of fantasy and science fiction.


KISSER / The Friend integrates the complex and discrete stages of filmmaking, suggesting a personal journey of intimate recall and offering a meditation on the ambiguities of language and our desire for connection.

Installation Views