Summer Salon: Kiron Robinson and Simone Slee

9 - 11 December 2021

To mark the end of this complicated year, Sarah Scout Presents is delighted to present two projects that consider the complex, subjective nature of time. 

Kiron Robinson's  Used hours/wasted hours is a tabulation of 14 months of the artist’s life during which every hour of each day (other than the six hours Kiron deemed absolutely necessary for sleep or rest) has been accounted for. This accumulation acts as a totally subjective assessment of how each given day went according to the vagaries of how the artist was feeling.


SImone Slee's How long? is an ongoing project for which the artist holds up a sign asking ’How long can I hold this up?’ in a series of incongruous, unrelated, locations. These acts are a private moment in a public space. The locations are familiar and yet unfamiliar, universal even, and the work prompts us all to consider the same question: how long can we keep this up?