Not for the Sake of Something More: Janina Green, Tori Lill, Ali McCann, Sanja Pahoki, Aaron Christopher Rees, Kiron Robinson, Emanuel Rodriguez-Chaves

19 February - 27 March 2021

Curator: Kiron Robinson


Photographs no longer reflect the world; rather the world reflects them. They deliver a version of reality that at surface level is consumed as ‘truth’. As such, photographs demand an act of faith.


Featuring new commissions by Janina Green, Sanja Pahoki, Tori Lill, Kiron Robinson and Ali McCann alongside existing work from Emanuel Rodriguez-Chaves and Aaron Christopher Rees, Not for the sake of something more  confronts this condition and asks: What is photography today? How can the photographic image represent in a post-truth deep fake world? And how can artists say anything with a medium that requires such faith?


This exhibition expands an understanding of photography beyond its representational fidelity to engage with the doubtful action of looking.


Presented as part of PHOTO 2021, The Truth.