Like Mike: Claire Lambe, Pat Larter, Richard Larter, Nell

23 May - 22 June 2013

Like Mike featured work by Claire Lambe, Pat Larter, Richard Larter and Nell. Curated by Geoff Newton, Like Mike paid homage to Mike Brown, taking place across five Melbourne galleries, with each venue loosely reflecting an artistic period of Mike Brown's ouevre. The artists assembled for Like Mike have in some way been influenced by the energy and restlessness of Mike Brown's art, his use of materials and intuitive processes which continue to be a source of inspiration. 


From periods of pornographic collage, political satire and commentary, Mike Brown challenged art audiences with his anything goes approach to art making and exhibition. Often using collage as a basis for exploration, his works from 1960-1990 are infused with a sense of compulsion to make and to see an idea come to life. Mike's legacy reverberates in the works of younger generations who have been directly and indirectly influenced by him and who are working in a similar mode to this under-recognised Australian artist who was ahead of his time. 

Installation Views