Spiros Panigirakis: Close

4 November - 10 December 2016

Spiros Panigirakis: Close is the artist's third solo prject with the gallery, and continues Panigirakis’ interest in the way in which presentational devices, furniture and organisational frameworks might influence the construction of meaning as well as the ways in which they facilitate sociability.


The suite of new sculptural works highlights the importance of frames, structures and boundaries, and how we engage with various sites and contexts. As with his earlier solo exhibitions at Sarah Scout Projects, Close both refers to and derives from specific architectural details and the context of the gallery space itself.


On this occasion Panigirakis has reinstated three doors, which were removed upon occupancy, to the gallery thresholds. These new doors
are true to the neo-Georgian originals, but include various sculptural and textile elements ‘hung’ in verso. These elements refer to the original
functions of the gallery spaces and invite the viewer to rethink both the role of sculpture and the context of the gallery; specifically how these two constructs might implicate or impose on one another.

Installation Views