Carolyn Eskdale: objects drawings

20 July - 19 August 2017

Carolyn Eskdale: objects drawings comprised the third solo exhibition at the gallery by the renowned Melbourne artist.


Eskdale’s practice engages the transformation and reconstruction of actual, remembered and imagined objects in domestic space. As its title suggests, objects drawings comprises a suite of new drawings presented in relation to a body of sculptural works that were initially conceived for Louise Bourgeois and Australian Artists at Heide Museum of Modern Art (2012). Eskdale’s three sculptural works responded to the architecture and original domestic context of the David McGlashan designed modernist building Heide II. Though the works refer specifically to the rooms of Heide II, as they were inhabited by John and Sunday Reed (entrance object, laundry object, bedroom object), they also speak to the memories and histories of domestic spaces more universally. And they resonate keenly in the domestically-scaled gallery rooms at Sarah Scout Presents.


Eskdale’s delicate and elusive drawings are rendered via a series of applied layers and surface gestures that thread and stretch over the paper. The drawings are sometimes evocative of spaces layered but also suggestive of time passing; at once constructing and erasing themselves on the surface of the paper.