Lou Hubbard and Claire Lambe

19 May to 11 June 2011




He’s the fat enabler

I act out ‘what ifs’

in my ‘here and now’


She exercises her will

over the materials

to examine their propensity

for resistance or yield

She incites the material

itself to prevail


hammering / smoking / trowelling / sanding

smearing / shaving / secreting:

we are recast, beaten and transformed

Nature – restless and inexhaustible

– distilled


Nought is

the most important number




Poem for Claire


Claire I Am


dissection articulates a modern malaise

society frays at the edges

decay and deformity challenges

beauty manifests

in modes of display.


When I was 15 I had a stalker,

I lived in Macclesfield, North England,

and it was 1977

edgy abject nightlife

modernism was king

weld big chunks of metal


draw from all learning experiences

underpinned by a passion

the curator brokers an extraordinary relationship

wooden clad boardroom





The two poems above are constructed by me from the found words of, respectively, Lou Hubbard, and Claire Lambe. What I found so surprising and satisfying in this poem creation was how, unknown and unintended by the writers of these words, these words could say so much about their art practices. I wish to thank the artists for allowing their speech to be used as a material.

Lizzy Newman, April 2011.

Claire Lambe, Lou Hubbard, Past Exhibitions