Spiros Panigirakis | Geoff Robinson

Spiros Panigirakis: Close


Geoff Robinson: Itinerant Object/Propositions for Change


4 November to 10 December 2016


Spiros Panigirakis’ new suite of sculptural works continues his interest in the way in which presentational devices, furniture and organisational frameworks might influence the construction of meaning as well as the ways in which they facilitate sociability. The work highlights the importance of frames, structures and boundaries, and how we engage with various sites and contexts. As with his earlier solo exhibitions at Sarah Scout Presents, Close both refers to and derives from specific architectural details and the context of the gallery space itself. On this occasion Panigirakis has reinstated three doors, which were removed upon occupancy, to the gallery thresholds. These new doors riff off the originals but include various sculptural and textile elements ‘hung’ in verso. These elements refer to the original functions of the gallery spaces and invite the viewer to rethink both the role of sculpture and the context of the gallery; specifically how different regimes of control intersect with the aesthetic.


Geoff Robinson presents an object-based installation that engages with performance as a means of proposing different iterations of the gallery rooms. A stack of 200 individually-coloured timber spatial markers are situated within a room in the gallery. Each week an invited performer will shift the markers in direct relation to the gallery architecture, proposing a change to the function of the rooms and how they may be encountered or viewed. Robinson’s practice explores the relationship between the durational qualities of sound and the spatial conditions of physical sites. Robinson works with spatial markers in his site-based projects as a form of notation to physically mark sound events. In Itinerant Object/Propositions for Change he shifts the dynamic from marking a sound event toward the performer determining the positioning of the marker. This performed event enables the spatial markers to become propositional, creating an ‘anticipatory illumination’ that shifts from marking a past event to proposing a future horizon.(1) Drawing on Jose Estaban Munoz’s ideas on performance and futurity the project aims to enact ‘… a rejection of a here and now and an insistence on potentiality or concrete possibility for another world’. (2)



Brooke Stamp
9—12 November
Performance at 2pm, Saturday 5 November


Fernando do Campo
16—19 November
Performing during gallery hours


Katherine Huang
23—26 November


Georgina Criddle
30 November—3 December


Aseel Tayah
7—10 December




(1) Queer theorist Jose Esteban Munoz uses the term ‘anticipatory illumination’ in relation to queerness as a horizon of potentiality. The term was originally used by Ernst Bloch in his book The Principle of Hope.

(2) Munoz, Jose Esteban. Cruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity. New York: New York University Press. 2009. p. 1.


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