LISA YOUNG: Cabriole Leg

26 July – 25 August 2012

Sarah Scout is delighted to present Cabriole Leg by Lisa Young, the artist’s second solo project with the gallery.

A seemingly disparate body of works, Cabriole Leg comprises finely detailed architectural drawings alongside more broadly abstracted mark making gestures. Hung salon style, the work continues Young’s ambition to develop a vocabulary that incorporates a range of image making tropes, but quite territorially gives up none. The inspiration for the work is sourced from a number of traditions: from lithography to Inuit drawing to the psychotropic art of the 1960s. Like a cluttered wardrobe, everything is kept.

Technically, the process involves handmade ink and watercolor drawings followed by digital collation. The works are printed onto archival paper and a final layer of pencil, ink and paint is applied; each work is unique, the computer in this case being a creative tool rather than a reproductive one.

The installation technique continues Young’s interest in collisional aesthetics, display and presentation by utilizing a more sculptural interpretation of the space via the classic ‘salon’ or Petersburg hang. Images are closely placed against each other or floated over and the usually discrete hanging mechanisms are distinctly apparent. The effect is maximal and displaces a clean focus on any singular image.


Lisa Young, Past Exhibitions