Lewis Fidock

Lewis Fidock engages the expanded fields of sculpture and painting to create objects that scrutinise and subvert perceptions of value, labour, history and humour. He does this by using a predominantly domestic (and obscure) cultural narrative to frame suggestions about a contemporary Australian ‘style’. Fidock’s work – often willfully absurd and sometimes downright funny – serves to both deny art’s symbolic value as well as critique the production of its meaning. It develops out of painstaking research – a strategy which is also reflected in the approaches and processes he undertakes in its making – but the end product often deliberately undermines or obscures its intensely laborious handmade nature. There’s also a keen archaeological aspect to Fidock’s practice, which might result in his unearthing of obscure imagery from various Australian subcultures, or rediscovering local stories and legends. His work represents a search for the local, the pursuit of ‘an Australian vernacular untarnished by cliché’.


LEWIS FIDOCK has presented numerous solo and group exhibitions, including Fun House, Minerva, Sydney (2015); 7 vs 9 (with Isabelle Sully), West Space, Melbourne (2014); Thunder in Aspic, tcb Art Inc, Melbourne (2014); Habitat, Minerva, Sydney (2014); The Future Is Long Enough For It All To Come True, Kings ARI, Melbourne (2013); and Sarabande, Goodtime Studios, Melbourne (2012). In 2012 Fidock was the recipient of both the Myer and Majlis Encouragement Awards and he completed a BFA (Honours) at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne in 2013.

Artist Bio