Kiron Robinson “um… no”

25 August to 30 September 2017


Kiron Robinson’s solo exhibition, “Ummm…no” presents drawing, photography, neon and sculptural forms that continue his thinking around doubt, belief and failure as constructive devices, projecting a world where everything is in some regard uncertain.


A suite of tightly cropped and curiously composed photographs reveal a woman’s hands, handbags and accessories. With images originally sourced from fashion magazines—but rephotographed by the artist and custom framed—the work throws the meaning of both the images and, by extension, the things they ‘document’ into question. The work—though clearly depicting objects of desire— conveys a sense of anxiety with its disconcerting absence of narrative, a tension that is further amplified by a nearby neon work, reading ‘stumble, stumble, stumble’.


A sense of fragility and contingency also plays out in Robinson’s new large-scale drawings, which highlight the awkwardness and precariousness of human existence—though undercut, as always, by Robinson’s wry humour. The word ‘happy’, for example, is underscored by a large red gash while two box-like figures face off in a funny, but crude game of one-upmanship. Though they may seem frivolous at first glance, these drawings—like much of Robinson’s work—imbue a flippant or humorous aside with an underlying sense of melancholy or foreboding.

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