KIRON ROBINSON: Hello. You’ve made it.

22 May to 27 June 2015

Kiron Robinson’s solo exhibition ‘Hello. You’ve made it.’ presents new neon, video, photography and sculptural forms that continue his thinking around doubt, faith and failure as constructive devices. A new suite of work expands the idea that landscape is an artificial production, and highlights the awkwardness created by the precariousness of our existence – though undercut, as always, with Robinson’s wry humour… the photograph of a huge solitary tree with its hand written sign reading ‘I’m so lonely’ for example.

Robinson explores perceptual process and the vulnerability of forms to project a world where everything becomes uncertain. Images might be scanned, layered, cropped, reconfigured and rephotographed – thus throwing the meaning of both the images and, by extension, the things they ‘document’ into question. His video and sculptural forms similarly might purport to be one thing but, on closer examination, reveal themselves otherwise, as familiar objects are recast in unfamiliar materials or sited in unexpected ways.

Robinson’s work forces us to slow down a little, to think about what we’re looking at a little more closely. His photographs reveals themselves to us as constructions and, as such, ask us to question both the way that images work and the manner in which we read them.



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