23 September to 29 October 2016



Americano explores the role of sculpture and its image in relation to film production and the interior design practices of the ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’. Art direction, furniture and costume design, and set dressing, along with their related contexts and histories, form the basis of this new body of work by Fiona Abicare. Americano establishes a dialogue with the subject and form of sculpture in relation to the production design of the Hollywood Studio System operating from 1927-1949.


Engaging sculpture’s relationship to the filmed interior, which in-turn encouraged the ‘Hollywood Regency’ style, including Dorothy Draper’s use of ‘Modern Baroque’ and borrowed from Greek, Roman and Egyptian influences, Americano develops a dialogue with the language of display and the connoisseurship of objects. This treatment, in a potential crossover into contemporary art, exchanges contextual frameworks from both worlds, by presenting ideas around the display and reception of art as medium, and mode of address within the domestic interior.


Considering the gallery rooms of Sarah Scout Presents as a series of connecting spaces, Abicare’s suite of artworks will be arranged in a manner similar to a furniture auction. Invested with the material language of its subject, the works will appear as both sculpture and décor, exploring forms of sculpture in relationship to the idea of display.


These works are developed for their ability to draw from a range of fields such as fashion, interior design and cultural history. From these various fields’ diverse material histories, stylistic periods, influences and ideas are folded together in relation to their placement and material connectivity. Contextualising the styles and formal qualities of sculpture’s configuration within these presentation models, Americano enacts an opening up of the subject of artistic representation through association and reflection.


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