Anna Finlayson: extension 2

Siri Hayes: Holding still

21 April to 27 May 2017


Sarah Scout Presents is delighted to present solo exhibitions by Siri Hayes and Anna Finlayson.


Siri Hayes engages landscape, portraiture and the history of art to explore the conditions of photography. For Holding still, which comprises recent video and photographic prints, Hayes employs the conditions of, and ideas around, the photographic process – from the alchemical to Barthes’ ‘violence of capturing’ – to pursue intimacy in familial relations. The artist maps the trace of her familial subjects, through their everyday actions and domestic setting, to examine how a body of artwork might pull the subject closer, thus bridging the distancing paradox inherent in the photographic process.


Anna Finlayson is best known for her site-specific installations as well as wall and floor based sculptural forms and assemblages, which often utilise pre-existing and mass-produced objects such as plastic balls or electrical cables. However, her work has consistently derived from an expanded drawing practice, and her obsessively rendered drawings over the past ten years have constituted an ongoing series of investigations into the subjectification of the grid through the creation of a narrative of process.


Extension 2 comprises a wall-based sculpture made from electrical cable, together with a suite of intricate drawings that continue Finlayson’s ongoing investigations into the grid. With her intricate drawings in extension 2, the artist weaves together the iconic motif of the grid with the texts of their making, offering a re-presentation of the maker through the visualisation of the processes of artistic practice.

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