Cate Consandine | HER/E

8 June to 7 July 2018


Cate Consandine’s exhibition HER/E comrpsies a series of new bronze sculptural works presented alongside the artist’s major video work of 2016, A Woman of the Future.

Located somewhere between here and her, HER/E continues Consandine’s investigation of the body and its relation to various states or conditions—both interior, such as desire and anxiety, and external, such as landscape or the built environment. Precarious, ungrounded and deeply vulnerable, Consandine’s new figurative sculptures have been severed from their context and tuned to a still point. Adjusting, balancing, they exist on the threshold of a tense zone, straining to fix a position within an equivocal site. Cut off from place of origin these forms seem so strangely configured, perverse even.

A Woman of the Future, presented in the gallery salon, sees the artist’s camera follows a woman as she walks through the otherworldly landscape of the Painted Desert in South Australia. As the film continues, she appears increasingly anxious; an effect, in part, of the desolate landscape in which she is contained, although it soon becomes clear she is being followed by someone other than the artist. The work explores the landscape of a woman as oscillating between states of potency, presence, desire, disarticulation, and a science fiction.

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