11 November to 4 December 2010

Sarah Scout is delighted to present COLONY – an exhibition of new work by Melbourne based artist Cate Consandine.


Consandine’s practice comprises an investigation of the body and its relation to various states or conditions, both interior (such as desire and anxiety) and external (such as landscape or the constructed environment).


Moving between sculptural form and video object, Colony explores the liminal body – a body on edge in the landscape. Precarious, razor-sharp, ungrounded, deeply vulnerable, Consandine’s forms are perpetually tuning to a still point. Adjusting, balancing, they exist on the threshold of a tense zone, straining to fix a position in a landscape that won’t be fixed. How else does one express the curious and complicit position of the foreign body in the landscape? Cut off from place of origin these forms often seem so strangely configured, perverse even.


In relation to the theme of colony, Consandine inquires into the subject of the boy and his condition of ‘becomingness’. Two video works explore involuntary movement to tap into the transitional state of the boy as he edges towards puberty in the landscape. A series of objects fabricated in stainless steel generate an unexpected counterpoint, intervening to mediate, or perhaps penetrate, expressive potential.

Cate Consandine, Past Exhibitions