BRYAN SPIER Heavy Images

1 to 31 August 2013


Heavy Images builds upon ideas explored in Spier’s previous solo exhibitions Expandable Paintings (2010) and Simultaneous Paintings (2011). This time the artist presents us with a series of large giclée prints of abstract compositions created with a flatbed scanner. In some instances the prints have been discretely manipulated by the artist to extend them into three dimensional space. Heavy Images uses abstraction to stage a conflict between the material and the ideal, and further develops a discursive syntax of primary forms and colours.


The exhibition includes a collaborative work with John Nixon. ‘Monochromes’ is based on a catalogue for a John Nixon exhibition held at the Canberra Contemporary Art Space in 1996. Instead of an ‘image’ the catalogue contained a number of coloured square cards placed in a ziplock bag along with some sheets of text. ‘Monochromes’ was made by arranging the catalogue pieces on a flatbed scanner.


Spier says of the works in Heavy Images: ‘A momentary accord binds the arrangements of shapes, and constitutes them as an image. This accord lasts only the time it takes the scanner to record the composition, then it is swept away and a new arrangement is ventured. The compositions are never perfectly harmonious; always there are gaps and misalignments, because they are directions rather than actualisation. Past and future iterations haunt them, and the spectre of alternative choices always stalk the periphery. The presence of the artworks is unambiguous, but their commitment to the present is not.’


Bryan Spier, Past Exhibitions