Andrea Tu’s practice over the past two decades has comprised an exploration of the relationships between ornamentation and abstraction as well as a dialogue between other dichotomous terms, such as geometric and organic, stasis and fluidity. Tu’s interest in the tensions between representation and abstraction has recently been emphasized both through her formal juxtapositions of painting and sculptural components in the gallery space, and within the paintings themselves, which appropriate source imagery from a wide range of non-art and art historical reference points. Her beautifully rendered paintings provoke a particular tension, and oscillate between numinous, romantic and abstract tropes, while her meticulous pen and watercolour drawings derive their fine, repetitive patterns from mathematical formulae.


ANDREA TU has held solo exhibitions at Sarah Scout Presents 2012 and 2009; Spacement, Melbourne 2005; Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne 2001 and 2002; Gallery 4A, Asia-Australia Arts Centre, Sydney 2001; West Space, Melbourne 2000; and 1st Floor, Melbourne 1999 & 2000. She has also been invited to participate in numerous group exhibitions including at Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne; ARCO, Madrid; and the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne among others. Since 1994, Tu has written widely on contemporary art practice including numerous catalogue essays and reviews. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Drawing) at the VCA in 1998, and a Master of Fine Art at Monash University in 2008. She was a Gertrude Stdio resident from 2001-2002 and undertook an Asialink residency to Taiwan in 2012.


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