Tony Garifalakis in Negative Approach at Gertrude Glasshouse

Veiled Treat 2

22 May Tony Garifalakis in Negative Approach at Gertrude Glasshouse

Curated by Dan Price and Shae Nagorcka

Gertrude Glasshouse: 44 Glasshouse Rd, Collingwood
Exhibition opening: Saturday 21 May 5–7pm
Exhibition dates: 21 May – 11 June 2016
Hours: Thursday–Saturday, 12–5pm

This project takes its name from the foundational American Hardcore Punk band, Negative Approach and examines how the intent and aesthetic residue of Heavy Metal and Punk continues to manifest in art and culture as a methodological approach to making and art.

With only ever releasing one studio album (Tied Down, 1983) much of what remains of Negative Approach lies across scattered compilations, demos and bootlegs. This project brings together ten artists to chart a similar course through contemporary practice, exploring subcultural influence and material focus across both practice and medium. Artists include: Colleen Ahern, Lane Cormick, Pat Foster and Jen Berean, Marco Fusinato, Tony Garifalakis, Jason Greig, David Mutch, Dan Price, Jensen Tjhung

Image: Tony Garifalakis
Veiled Threat #2 (2011)
Felt and Plastic, 180 x 125 cm (detail)
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