Tony Garifalakis at 2016 Auckland Art Fair

22 May Tony Garifalakis at 2016 Auckland Art Fair

25 – 29 MAY 2016

Sarah Scout Presents is pleased to present an installation by Melbourne-based artist Tony Garifalakis at the 2016 Auckland Art Fair. The expanded iteration of Garifalakis’ Bloodline series (2014-16) comprises a suite of portraits of female European royals who have had their identities obscured by spraying and painting layers of dripping black enamel over their faces. Garifalakis’ practice over the past two decades has constituted an examination of social relations and the semiotics of power. His work particularly engages the ways in which the meaning of signs, symbols and images might be ascribed, conveyed or transformed through culture, and how conventional notions of hierarchy and status might be undermined or subverted. Garifalakis interrogates social, political, artistic and religious systems of belief – as well as the institutions that uphold them – through a range of strategies that include amplification of the signifiers utilised by those institutions themselves; subversive juxtaposition of image and text; and the deployment of dark, incongruous humour.

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