Susan Jacobs in 32nd Bienal de São Paulo

Susan biennale

22 May Susan Jacobs in 32nd Bienal de São Paulo

Susan Jacobs has been invited to participate in ‘Live Uncertainly’ (‘Incerteza Viva) 32nd Bienal de São Paulo.

September 10 – December 11 2016
São Paulo’s Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion

Curated by Jochen Volz along with co-curators Gabi Ngcobo (South Africa), Júlia Rebouças (Brazil), Lars Bang Larsen (Denmark) and Sofía Olascoaga (Mexico), the exhibition will be held from September 10 to December 11, 2016, at the Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion, focusing on notions of ‘uncertainty’ and ‘entropy’ to reflect on the current conditions of life and the possibilities offered by contemporary art to harbor and inhabit uncertainties.

The result of an investigative process initiated in March of 2015, the final list of 81 participants (with Jacobs’ the only Australian artist) presents a selection of participants from 33 countries characterized by a strong presence of artists born after 1970, women – who represent over half of the artists invited – and commissioned projects, produced for the context of the exhibition.

According to curator Jochen Volz, the artists in the 32nd Bienal provide strategies and speculations on how to live with uncertainty. ‘We are seeking to understand diversity, to look at the unknown and question what we assume to be known. We view the different knowledges of our world as complementary rather than exclusionary.’

Image: Susan Jacobs

Vessel for mixing metaphors 2015

Bluestone Building at the Living Museum of the West

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