Susan Jacobs – Hero Building Billboard

Susan Hero

22 May Susan Jacobs – Hero Building Billboard

Curated by Angela Brophy

Hero Building Billboard, 118 Russell Street
19 May – 31 October 2016

The first in a series of commissions initiated and managed by Platform Art Spaces for the Hero Building, Susan Jacobs‘ ‘Quicksilver Sentinels’ taps into notions of the ‘hero image’ and ‘sympathetic magic’. From the imitative and protective behaviours of the mules, comes the idea of ‘sympathetic magic’, where things that have once been in physical contact, continue to influence each other from a distance. Jacobs captured the image in the small ghost town of Terlingua, south west of Marfa, Texas, during a research trip to Land Art sites of the 1960s and 70s.

In a chance encounter she observed the two mules standing apart like a pair or sentinels guarding the entrance to a ranch before watching them gradually merge together. As a former mining district, Terlingua had once produced cinnabar, a red-toned mineral ore from which the element mercury is extracted. A relief sculpture on the facade of the Hero Building depicts the Roman god Mercury, who holds a caduceus comprised of two serpents intertwined around a winged staff, also commonly used as the symbol for the elemental metal mercury.

In heightening a recognition of chance encounters, Quicksilver Sentinels points to the unknown possibilities that may be realised through the power of observation, making us more perceptive to moments of connectedness in the world and within our lives.

Coinciding with the commission a framed limited edition print by Susan Jacobs will be available from Sarah Scout Presents.

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