Past Exhibitions

Creek_Amendments 7

22 Oct GREG CREEK: Amendments

22 October to 14 November 2009   Amendments   Standing in Greg Creek’s studio, surrounded by his latest painted Amendments, I feel as if I’m listening to them. Its absurd, of course, and I understand that it’s my eyes I’m using, not my ears. Nevertheless, listening is what I...

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17 Sep ANDREA TU: Black Flux

17 September to 10 October 2009 On Pearls, Fans: new work by Andrea Tu   Andrea Tu is talking to me about her recent work and while I am trying hard to concentrate on her rather expert treatise about formalism, I find myself distracted. What do the terms...

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blue hour detail

23 Jul KATE DAW: The Blue Hour

23 July to 28 August 2009   Things we know we know I am writing this with pen and paper and it’s already strange to me. There was a time when I wondered if I would ever be able to write on a computer because I hand-wrote almost...

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