Long Distance 2


Anna Finlayson: extension 2 Siri Hayes: Holding still 21 April to 27 May 2017   Sarah Scout Presents is delighted to present solo exhibitions by Siri Hayes and Anna Finlayson.   Siri Hayes engages landscape, portraiture and the history of art to explore the conditions of photography. For Holding still, which comprises recent...

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10 Mar SALLY SMART The Choreography of Cutting

11 March to 15 April 2017   Sarah Scout Presents is delighted to present a solo exhibition by esteemed Australian artist Sally Smart. The Choreography of Cutting is a major ongoing project that reframes and refigures the historical avant-garde dance company Ballets Russes and its experimental choreography, costume and theatre design...

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15. Kate Daw POL 1 (Germaine) 2016_Photo Tobias Titz

03 Feb Daw | Creek | Christensen

4 February to 4 March 2017   Sarah Scout Presents is delighted to present its first series of exhibitions for 2017 – solo projects by Kate Daw, Greg Creek and Nadine Christensen.   Occupying the office and galleries 1 and 2, Afterwards reprises and reconfigures the major new suite of paintings and...

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04 Nov Spiros Panigirakis | Geoff Robinson

Spiros Panigirakis: Close   Geoff Robinson: Itinerant Object/Propositions for Change   4 November to 10 December 2016   Spiros Panigirakis’ new suite of sculptural works continues his interest in the way in which presentational devices, furniture and organisational frameworks might influence the construction of meaning as well as the ways in which they...

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23 September to 29 October 2016     Americano explores the role of sculpture and its image in relation to film production and the interior design practices of the ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’. Art direction, furniture and costume design, and set dressing, along with their related contexts and...

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12 August to 17 September 2016   Eleanor Duffin and Susan Jacobs share an interest in the transformative possibilities of materials as well as the latent potential of both site and context. Their two-person exhibition at Sarah Scout Presents brings their various material experiments into focus, through...

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Lou Hubbard - Brush-Bush


1 July to 6 August 2016   Sarah Scout Presents is delighted to announce the upcoming exhibition Table Land by Melbourne artist Lou Hubbard. Table Land brings a significant – but previously never shown – painting ‘Untitled (Landed)’ (1993), into focus with three major sculptural works. The painting refers...

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Automaton - image

17 Jun AUTOMATON: Sandra Parker and Rhian Hinkley

Performance & installation dates: Thursday 16 June – Open to public 4-8pm Friday 17 June – Open to public 4-8pm Saturday 18 June – Open to public 12-4pm Sunday 19 June – Open to public 12-4pm   Sarah Scout Presents is pleased to announce a special performance installation ‘Automaton’ by Sandra...

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Sanja Pahoki, 'From the Dark to the Light' Duratrans

11 May Susan Fereday | Sanja Pahoki

13 May to 11 June 2016   Susan Fereday Speaking for the Dead   Sanja Pahoki Being Kazimir Malevich   Susan Fereday’s Speaking for the Dead offers an otherworldly encounter in a domestic setting. The exhibition responds to a series of 1930s studio portraits of unnamed children on their first day of school,...

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Kirsty Budge_web

26 Mar Kirsty Budge | Andrea Eckersley

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]KIRSTY BUDGE I'm not desperate, you're desperate 1 April – 7 May 2016   ANDREA ECKERSLEY Shed by the sun in eclipse 1 April – 7 May 2016   Sarah Scout Presents is delighted to announce solo exhibitions by Kirsty Budge and Andrea Eckersley.   For her first solo exhibition, I'm not desperate, you're desperate,...

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